Siavonga has become known as the ‘Riviera of Zambia’ as the town is spread out along the north bank of Lake Kariba and is host to holidaymakers, both local and international, all year round.

The ‘riviera’ image is enhanced by an affluent Zambian community that is developing as business people from out of town invest in holiday homes in the area. Tthe spectacular Dam Wall is nearby, which is also the Kariba border crossing into Zimbabwe. Only a two and a half hour drive on good roads from Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, it is both a popular weekend getaway as well as a conference destination for the Lusaka businiess community.

The Zambezi Valley is very hot in the summer months (October to March) but luckily cooled by the summer rains. IN winter it is warm – to cool and dry (April to September).

Siavonga offers a variety of accommodation options to suit the budget of all travellers, from hotels and lodges to guest houses and backpackers. The Lake is a magnificent resource for water-based holidays including relaxing on a houseboat or watching your kids build sand castles on the beach, or for the more active, canoeing or skiing along the shores. Of course fishing is popular on the Lake, and the sunsets and sunrises in conjunction with this ‘sea’ of water, must be seen to be believed. Tour operators will take you on cultural tours or birding tours or visits to the Dam Wall or to the Powerstation on an ‘engineering tour’.

Lake Kariba

Although Lake Kariba is a vast water body (282 kilometres long, up to 100 metres deep, covering 5500km2, and holding more than 180 billion tonnes of water), it is more correctly a dam, as the water is held back by a huge dam wall (128m high and spanning 617m across the Kariba Gorge). It is the largest man-made reservoir in the world. This engineering feat was completed in 1959 when the Zambezi River was dammed in a joint electricity-generation project between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Between the two Powerstations on the north and the south banks of the Zambezi River, 1300 megawatts of power can be generated, making it an important resource in the region. A welcome by-product of this construction is the associated tourism industry.

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