Kafue Fun & Adventure

Day 1
From Lusaka it is roughly a 3 hours drive before we find ourselves in the Kafue National Park. And then the fun begins: countless Puku and Impala, herds of Zebra, Buffalo and Hartebeest, possible sightings of Lion and a landscape that changes continuously from miombo woodlands to swampy dambo’s and riverine forests to savanah grasslands.
We enjoy our lunch at Hippo Lodge, and then in the afternoon we visit the stunning Hot Springs where one can enjoy the lovely warm water, having a bath, surrounded by nature. 

Day 2
In the morning we go out on an educational walking safari.

We return to the lodge to refresh ourselves in the swimming pool and relax a bit before we go out on our next game drive in the afternoon. We’ll be using our strong spotlights when the darkness sets in, spotting for some of the nocturnal creatures like the Mongoose, Civet, Genet and Porcupine. And of course we try to find Leopard, Lion and Hyena.
Dinner will be served late tonight!
Day 3 
After breakfast we will be on our way to Lufupa.

The boat transfer will take between 2 and 3 hours and is a very scenic one. We may spend a bit of time trying to catch some fish on the way and we may see some elephants, buffalo or eland on the banks.

Lunch at Lufupa River Camp and in the afternoon we go out on a game drive, followed by a night drive. The Lufupa area is famous for its regular leopard sightings.
Day 4

Today we go out for the full day to go and explore the Busanga Plains.

For a great part of the year these Plains are covered with water and not accessible at all. But when the water level drops and the green grass pops up everywhere, this is a paradise for herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Buffalo and Roan Antelope.
There are some good prides of Lion, with some enormous black-maned males around. There are Cheetah and packs of Wild Dog.
And with all the water in the area there are numerous birds like the Pelikan, Wattled Cranes and Saddle Billed Storks.
Vultures and Maraboes in the skies might indicate where the action takes place and we follow their signs….

Day 5

We want to be out in the bush before the sun rises. The light and colours are just spectacular at the crack of dawn. The early shadows play with the large Termite mounds and thousands of small ones and great big black boulders of rock enhance the magic of these grounds.
The riverine forest along the Kafue river conceals birds such as the Purplecrested Lourie, Kingfishers, Cormorants, African Darters, and many many others.
The Defassa Waterbuck only occurs in the Kafue National Park, and is always found near the water. Our morning game drive will take us to Mukambi Lodge.
The afternoon will be spend on the river. Looking for Crocodiles and Hippo’s, watching how animals like Elephant, Bushbuck and Baboons come to drink water and we might be able to take pictures of the African Finfoot, the Fish Eagle and if lucky Pel’s Fishing Owl!
Tonight we find ourselves around the campfire and share our experiences with a glass of wine and a festive dinner.

Day 6
After a leisurely breakfast and a morning game drive we return to Lusaka in the afternoon

Note: This package is inclusive of road and boat transfers, accommodation and guided game activities.

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