Country's official name
At the beginning of the Bronze Age, the Viet tribe groups had settled down in the North and in the north of Central Vietnam. There were about 15 groups of Lac Viet tribesmen living mainly in the northern highland and delta and a dozen Au Viet groups of tribesmen living in Viet Bac, the northern region of old Vietnam.

Prehistoric Era
Prehistoric Era of Vietnam include: Pre-Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age.

Foundation of the Nation
During the Dong Son period, only one state had formed. The unified culture prevailing in this region stretched from the Sino-Vietnamese border to the northern banks of the Gianh River. The nation of the ancient Viet people existed as the Van Lang Nation, which was ruled by the Kings Hung.

Chinese domination period (1st century, BC - 10th century, AD)
In the 3rd century BC, the Han people who lived in the Yellow River basin unified China, merging the various ethnic groups who lived in southern China to the south of the Yangtze River into a centralized empire. This feudal empire soon spread southwards.

Insurrections and the struggle for independence
The grim resistance by the population against Chinese imperialist domination, which persisted century after century, time and again, broke out in the form of armed insurrection.

Ngo Dynasty (939 - 965)
Ngo King (939-944)
Later Ngo King (950-965)

Dinh Dynasty (968-980)
Dinh Tien Hoang (968-979)
Dynastic title: Thai Binh (970-979)

Pre-Le Dynasty (980-1009)
Le Dai Hanh (980-1005)
Dynastic title: Thien Phuc (980-988); Hung Thong (989-993); Ung Thien (994-1005)
Le Trung Tong (1005)
Le Long Dinh (1005-1009)

Ly Dynasty (1010-1225)
Kings of Ly Dynasty:
- Ly Thai To (1010-1028)
- Ly Thai Tong (1028-1054)
- Ly Thanh Tong (1054-1072)
- Ly Nhan Tong 1072-1127)
- Ly Than Tong (1128-1138)
- Ly Anh Tong (1138-1175)
- Ly Cao Tong (1176-1210)
- Ly Hue Tong (1211-10/1224)
- Ly Chieu Hoang (1225)

Tran Dynasty (1225-1400)
Kings of Tran Dynasty:
- Tran Thai Tong (1225-1258)
- Tran Thanh Tong (1258-1272)
- Tran Nhan Tong (1279-1293)
- Tran Anh Tong (1293-1314)
- Tran Anh Tong (1314-1329)
- Tran Hien Tong (1329-1341)
- Tran Du Tong (1314-1369)
- Tran Nghe Tong (1370-1372)
- Tran Due Tong (1372-1377)
- Tran Phe De (1377-1388)
- Tran Thuan Tong (1388-1398)
- Tran Thieu De (1398-1400)

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