Umm Al Quwain

The Emirate of Um Al Quwain is located on the Arabic Gulf coast and extends to about 24 km between Al Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah with a total area of about 77 square kilometers which is equivalent to 1% of the UAE. The city has been built on a narrow peninsula called Khor Al Bidiyah. It contains about 7 castles and a museum in one of these castels.

Um Al Quwain has witnessed a comprehensive renaissance and has attained successive achievements and mutations and in all cultural, social, urban and economical fields based on the belief of its ruler that the present renaissance, in any case, is as important as the originality of the past.

Its strategic location, on the clear blue water of the Gulf, has promoted the sector of hotels and resorts to be expanded and developed. The same has offered the emirate a tourist dimension for the recreation and the heritage and eco-tourism due to the availability of natural beauty, green agricultural oases, sand oases, dunes and ancient castles that give the tourism sector in the emirate a historical and cultural dimension.

The most important areas of the Emirate of Um Al Quwain are:

Falaj Al Maala region: the name of Falaj Al Maala is derived from Al Falaj is an underground water channel in which the water flows from the springhead to the mouth due to the downward ground in order to irrigate the agricultural lands. The water of Al Falaj flows alongside the valley. Thus, the spreading agriculture in Falaj Maala is due to the fertile soil and the availability of fresh water. In spite of its fame in the agricultural field, it has developed and transformed from a village into a city that includes modern buildings.

Al Surah region: This area is famous for the presence of a lot of hawks hunting. It is one of the most famous land places in the city. The wild mushrooms which is known locally as Al Faqaa or Al-Zubaidi and a lot of plants such as Al Hammad, Al Sidaf and Aldaghabes can be seen plentifully in winter.

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