Languages,Population & Religion


Arabic is the official & national language for the UAE. English is widely spread in UAE that is why traffic and roads signage, stores and supermarkets signboards and restaurant menus are all available in both languages. Spoken and written Arabic is widely used more in streets and shop signboards as you move away out of cities.


According to a report issued by National Bureau of Statistics in which estimates the UAE population 8.19 millions in 2009, indicate an increment up by 125 thousands from 2008 census. In which the population stood at 8.07 millions. The report classifies 1.9 million to age group of 15 to 59 year whereas 1.3 million are 60 or over.
UAE is one of GCC attracting several Arab and Asian nationals as well as Europeans and Americans. It is not overstated to say that all nationalities gather in this magnificent, faith tolerant, law abiding and personal freedom country which encourage residents to stay longer.


Islam is the official religion in UAE. Its rituals are widely practiced. Friday is special religious day in Islam which is based on the testimony "No god but Allah and that Mohamed is the Messenger of Allah. Muslim should pray five times a day in different times depending on location of sun. Call to prayers is held from the mosque Minaret through loudspeakers.

The UAE constitution guarantees freedom of religions which harmonies with the Emirati society traditions.

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