Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. This modern and multi- aspects city is distinguished with its rich history and cultural identity that has given a good impression to a lot of activities and events which meet the aspirations of all its visitors. It is the largest emirate of the UAE which has an area of more than 67000 square kilometers. It, also, includes a lot of islands. The most important islands are Das, Sir Bani Yas, Mubrez, Delma, Al Saadeyat and Um Al Nar. In addition, it has a lot of cities such as Al Wathbah, Al Ruwais and Al Dhafrah.

Abu Dhabi has high-level tourist componants that meet the needs of all types of tourism such as conferences, business and entertainment tourism. Abu Dhabi offers modern and luxurious conference rooms equipped with the latest technologies. Furthermore, it contains a lot of five-stars luxurious hotels, interesting recreational centers, golf stadiums, theaters, as well as, a lot cultural centers. Soon, Abu Dhabi will host two of the most famous museums in the world; the Louvre - Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim - Abu Dhabi. The luxurious shopping opportunity can be found in Abu Dhabi where a lot of malls that contain the most famous commercial brands and the global fashion showrooms with competitive prices, where all products are exempted from sales taxes. Also, the restaurants offer a variety of Middle Eastern and European cuisine and other international cuisine.

Abu Dhabi is characterized by a world-class tourist structure which allows to practice the entertaining sports such as walking, running and biking, taking into account the requirements of the movement of the special needs people in its streets and parks, where it witnesses several celebrations and festivals in the national events.

The city of "Al Ain" in the eastern region of Abu Dhabi includes Jebel Hafeet whose peak height estimated of about 1,340 meters above the sea level is considered the highest spot in the emirates of Abu Dhabi. The five-stars "Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet" hotel has been constructed on the peak of the mountain. It provides a relaxation and unique view on the city of Al Ain for its dwellers that enrich their experience.

There are a lot of heritage locations available in Abu Dhabi that have great concern and care. The history of some antique locations is related to 3000 BC, as indicated by the antique exploration expeditions, concerned studies and research.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi consists of three main areas:

The first area: the city of Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi City is the headquarter of the president, the Council of Ministers and the most of ministries and federal institutions, as well as, the foreign embassies, radio and television. It includes Zayed Port, which contributes in facilitating the movement of trade, and Abu Dhabi International Airport, in addition to, most of the oil companies, establishments and commercial markets. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi Corniche including its gardens and fountains is one of the most prominent aesthetic features of the city.

The second area: the Eastern Region

The capital of the eastern region is Al Ain city. It had been called with this name because it is rich with natural springs that turned this region into a fertile green oasis and the natural water the flows by wells and Aflaj, which are underground water channels carry the water to various farms of this area. The most important landmarks in Al Ain are Al Ain Gardens, Haffet mountain, Al Hili Fun Park, Al Ail Zoo and Al Ain Museum for antiguities. Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates University and Al Ain International Airport are the most important milestones in the city.

The third area: the Western Region

The capital city of the western region is Zayed city that includes many of planted woods, that are estimated about 100 thousand hectares including about 20 million trees, to control desertification and some land oil fields, as well as, and oil refinery at Al Ruwais. The emirates has a lot of islands. The most important islands and maritime oil fields are Das, Mubrez, Zarkwah and Arzanah, in addition to, Delmah, Al Saadeyat and Abu Al Abiad.

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