Where to Stay

Thailand features not only some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world but also arguably the greatest variety of accommodation to choose from. Thailand accommodation options range from rural home stays to luxurious five-star spa-resorts and nearly everything in between.

Hotels If you are looking for Thailand hotels, our comprehensive listing of hotels in every Thai town and city will help you find the hotel that best meets your business or holiday needs.

Serviced Apartments Looking for an apartment in Thailand? Here's a comprehensive list of serviced apartments and other Thailand apartment options for various destinations throughout the kingdom.

Resorts & Spas Jungle retreats, beach resorts, holistic wellness centers, luxurious spas: Thailand features some of the most spectacular resorts and spas in the world

Boutique And Design Accommodation Thailand features numerous boutique hotels and design hotels that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Guesthouses And B&Bs Staying in a Thailand guesthouse is one of the most popular accommodation options for visitors to Thailand.

Homestays Thailand Homestays are just what they sound like, staying as a guest in the home of a Thai family. These unique cultural experiences are available throughout Thailand.

Hostels And Campus Thailand is a popular destination for backpackers; consequently, there are thousands of Thailand hostels, campus rooms, dorm rooms, and other backpacker oriented guesthouses located throughout the kingdom.

Rafts Resorts Thailand features numerous rivers and reservoirs, and visitors to Thailand have many opportunities to sleep in a bungalow built atop a floating raft.

Tents And Camping There are many national parks that allow visitors to go camping in Thailand, both with or without requiring visitors to bring along their own tents.

Cottage & Bungalow If you are looking for bungalow or cottage in Thailand, select from these accommodation options in Thailand.

Villa If you are looking for a villa in Thailand or other private luxury accommodation, select from these Thailand villas and other Thailand rental options.

Condo, Apartment & Mansion If you are looking for a condo, mansion, or apartment in Thailand, select from these apartments and other Thailand apartment options, including condominiums in Thailand.

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