Shopping in Thailand is hands-down one of the premier activities for visitors to the kingdom. Some favorite items when shopping in Thailand are Thai silk, leather goods, silver & gold, precious and semi-precious gems, pearls, furniture, antiques, and all sorts of exotic handicrafts.

Where To Shop If you are looking for where to shop for souvenirs, clothing, or Thai handicrafts, such as silk, this Thailand shopping guide will help you find the nearest market or mall for you to purchase the products you desire. More Where to Shop

What To Buy There are almost innumerable products to buy in Thailand, from international brand name products to hand made crafts. More What to Buy

Shopping Tips Knowing when and where to shop, how to haggle, what forms of payment are accepted, and how VAT refunds can be processed will help visitors enjoy their time shopping in Thailand. More Shopping Tips

Top Thai Fashion Designers From the boutiques of Siam Square to the Emporium Department store, designer clothing from Thai designers is making an impact on the fashion world and can be a unique souvenir for stylish travelers. More Top Thai Fashion Designers

Popular Thai Brands In addition to shopping malls filled with international brand name products, there are many boutiques featuring the works of Thai designers who have created some distinctly Thai fashion. More Popular Thai Brands

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