Ariana Museum

12 centuries of ceramic history, 7 centuries of glass production: the Ariana Museum documents both ceramic and glass production with over 20,000 exhibits from Switzerland, Europe, the Near East and Far East. The museum is located in a park on the banks of Lake Geneva.

The ceramic and glass museum Ariana was founded by Gustave Revilliod, who was from Geneva. He ordered the construction of a building combining the Neo-Classical and New Baroque architectural style to house his private art collection. The edifice, built between the years of 1877 and 1884, is located near the Palais des Nations, the headquarters of the United Nations in Europe. He named the building after his mother, Ariana, and bequeathed it, along with other real estate and assets to the city of Geneva.

Today the Ariana Museum houses 20,000 ceramic and glass obects from 12 centuries, is appreciated far beyond the borders of Switzerland and is the seat of the International Academy of Ceramics (which has about 400 members worldwide).

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