Icehotel Winter Adventure

Day 1: Welcome to Kiruna, Lapland

Arrive at Kiruna airport, where you are met and greeted. After collecting your luggage you will receive warm clothes and boots to protect you from the cold on your first arctic adventure. Just outside the airport your transport awaits, a dogsled team which will take you for an exciting ride through the wild and over the plains towards the Icehotel. This gives you the perfect photo opportunity, while starting your break in true Lappish style.

The Icehotel is made entirely out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River. Every year the hotel melts during the summer and is rebuilt when winter sets in. Upon arrival you will be taken on an informative tour where you will learn about the history of this special place and get handy information on how to get comfortable in your very own room sculpted out of ice. You will be sleeping in a Ice Room on a bed made of ice, on top of reindeer skins. The temperature in the Icehotel is around -5°C to -8°C, but no worries, you receive a nice thermal sleeping bag which will keep you warm. 

Day 2: Quest for the Northern Lights

In the morning you will wake up to find a cup of hot traditional lingonberry juice served at your bedside. Once properly awake you can enjoy a hearty breakfast in the restaurant and warm up in the Icehotel’s sauna to prepare for today’s adventures. You have the whole day to explore the area around the Icehotel and the frozen river Torne, located a stone´s throw from the ICEHOTEL. In the evening, you will be picked up and taken on a journey into the wild to explore the amazing Northern Lights on a guided snowmobile trip. After a delicious dinner you head into the night again and return to your warm hotel. For the next two nights you will be staying in a warm room at Kebne hotel or similar in Kiruna.

* Please note that the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a natural phenomenon and therefore a sighting cannot be guaranteed.

Day 3: Open Day

You have all day to explore the town of Kiruna, or take an optional excursion. Here are some suggestions:

Optional activities:

Visit to a Sami reindeer farm
This tour takes you to a Sami reindeer farm for a close encounter with Rudolph and his furry friends, followed by a traditional snack in a Sami tent. Try your hand at driving a sled pulled by reindeer. At the farm you will get a special chance to learn about the daily lives and history of the Sami people, the native people of northern Scandinavia. Please contact us for more information.

Safari by Snowmobile
This is your chance to explore the magnificent mountains and Arctic forests of Lapland—one of the most beautiful places in Sweden! You are taken by bus to Nikkaluokta, where the tour continues by snowmobile in search of the majestic moose. Along the way, there will be a break to enjoy an authentic Lappish lunch with the tour leader and fellow travellers in a wilderness hut. You will also get to try ice fishing.

Day 4: Departure

Transfer to Kiruna airport. If you leave in the afternoon you might want to take some time to explore Kiruna on your own and do some last minute souvenir shopping.

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