Discover Spains nature in the Doñana Nature Park

Day 1: ARRIVAL ON COSTA BRAVA / MARESME. After arriving on the coast you have the rest of the day at leisure. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2: BARCELONA - 50 km. Throughout the day, we will be able to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of Barcelona. First, we take a city tour of the Cathedral, the Gothic Quarter and the buildings of Antonio Gaudí, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and the Guell Park, declared a UNESCO World Heritage in recognition of the cultural wealth. The afternoon is at leisure. Dinner and overnight at the hotel on the coast.

Day 3: BARCELONA, ZARAGOZA, MADRID - 621 km. After breakfast, we drive towards Madrid. During a short stay in Zaragoza, we visit the famous Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar ". Then it's on to Madrid. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 4: MADRID EL ESCORIAL. Today we take a city tour of the capital of Spain and of the monastery "El Escorial" which is part of the World Heritage and which was built at the end of the 16th century in the form of a grill (the martyrs instrument of San Lorenzo). Dinner and accommodation in Madrid.

Day 5: MADRID, SEGOVIA, AVILA, SALAMANCA - 251 km Today begins with a guided tour of the city of Segovia, including its Roman aqueduct, built in the year 50 AD. This majestic building,. with a double portico, lies in the middle of the historic image of the city. Here we can visit as well the Alcázar from the 11th century and the Gothic cathedral from the 16th century. In the afternoon we continue to Avila, which was founded in the 11th century, to protect the Spanish territory against the Arabs. Here we will have a guided tour of the old town with its churches outside the city walls. This city of saints and stones has retained its medieval style. We visit the Gothic cathedral and its fort, which, with its 82 towers and 9 monumental doors, is one of the best preserved of Spain. The destination of today's route is Salamanca. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 6: SALAMANCA, CÁCERES - 210 km. After breakfast we take a guided tour through the historic centre of Salamanca, conquered in the 3rd century BC, from the Carthaginians, then under Roman administration and later occupied by the Arabs until the 11th century. Its university is one of the oldest in Europe. In the historical center of the city are very important Gothic, Roman, and Arabic monuments. The main square "Plaza Mayor", with the gallery and the columns, is one of the most beautiful. We continue to Cáceres. Here we discover the beauty of the historic centre of Cáceres, whose architecture is a mix of different styles. From the Arab period originate about 30 towers, of which the most important is the Torre del Bujaco. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel in Cáceres.

Day 7: CÁCERES, TOLEDO, CUENCA - 451 km. In the morning we drive to Toledo. We visit the historic centre, including the Cathedral and Church of Santo Tomé. Toledo has more than 2,000 years of history and its masterpieces come from different cultures. The main elements were the three different religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Free afternoon and evening, we continue to Cuenca. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 8: CUENCA, VALENCIA - 220 km. In the morning we visit the walled city of Cuenca, which was built by the Arabs in the middle of the former Caliphate of Cordoba. Cuenca offers insight into a medieval city that is very well preserved and has many valuable monuments. The first Gothic cathedral and the hanging houses are among the most charming. Then our journey takes us to Valencia or the surrounding area. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 9: VALENCIA, BARCELONA - 397 km. Today we visit the Mediterranean city of Valencia, including the Silk Exchange, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Silk Exchange "la Lonja"is one of the most beautiful buildings in Spain. It was built between 1482-1533 and was originally used for the silk trade. In the afternoon we head towards Barcelona. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel on the coast.

Day 10: BARCELONA, RETURN HOME. After breakfast, we unfortunately have to say goodbye and begin our return journey.
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