2333 B.C Dangun founded Old Joseon>
108 B.C Old Joseon falls
57 B.C Silla emerges
37 B.C Goguryeo emerges
18 B.C Baekje emerges
372 A.D Buddhism was introduced to Goguryeo
527 Buddhism sanctioned in Silla
553 Beopjusa temple constructed
643 Hwangryongsa temple constructed
660 Baekje falls
668 Goguryo falls
670 Silla unifies peninsula
677 Buseoksa temple was built
751 Bulguksa and Seokguram grotto temple completed in Gyeongju
771 Bongdeoksa temple bell cast in Gyeongju
918 Goryeo founded
935 Silla falls to Goryeo
957 Civil examination system instituted
1011 Sutras first engraved on wooden blocks
1231-1273 Mongol invasions
1234 Movable metal type invented
1236-1251 Tripitaka Koreana completed
1238 Hwangryongsa temple charred by Mongol invasion
1362 Cotton was imported from China and cultivated
1392 Joseon Dynasty supersedes Goryeo
1443 King Sejong invented Korean Alphabet (Hangeul)
1446 Hangeul proclaimed
1592-1598 Japanese (Hideyoshi) Invasions
1627 Manju invasions (Jeongmyo Horan)
1636-1637 Manju invasions (Byeongja Horan)
1653 The Netherlands ship wrecked on Jeju Island
1784 Catholicism introduced from China
1801 Persecution on Catholics began
1846 Persecution on Catholics
1866 Persecution on Catholics and Warfare with France
1866 U.S.A merchant ship was burned down by Korean in Pyeongyang
1871 Warfare with U.S.A
1876 Unyo Incident and warfare with Japan
1876 Ganghwa Treaty signed
1876 Busan Port opened
1882 Post office opened. Korean-USA trade treaty signed
1885-1887 British occupied Geomundo Island
1894 Uprising of Donghaks and peasants
1894-1896 Gabo Reforms
1895 Empress Myeongseong assassinated by Japanese
1897 Daehan Empire founded by King Gojong
1899 Railroad (Seoul - Incheon) and medical school opened
1910 Japanese Colonial Rule
1919 Independence movement
1945 Liberation from Japanese colonial rule
1945-1948 Joint U.S - U.S.S R Trusteeship and Korea divided
1948 General Election (May 10)
1948 Foundation of the Republic of Korea (August 15)
1950-1953 Korean War
1960 4 19 Revolution against a rigged Presidential Election (March 15)
1961 Military coup by Park Chunghee
1965 Korea-Japan Talks
1967 Sinking of PCE-56 patrol craft by North Korea
1968 USS navy ship Pueblo seized by North Korea
1968 Cheongwadae Raid by North Korean guerillas
1969 Hijacking of KAL Flight to North Korea
1970 Saemaul Undong (New Community Movement)
1974 South-North Joint Communique
1974 First North Korean Infiltration Tunnel discovered in Gorangpo
1975 Second North Korean Infiltration Tunnel discovered in Cheolwon
1976 Panmujeom Axe Murder
1978 Third North Korean Infiltration Tunnel discovered in Paju
1980 Gwangju Democratization Movement (May 18)
1983 Aung San Terrorist Bombing
1984 Canonized 103 saints by Pope John Paul II in Seoul
1985 First South-North Exchange of Home Visitors
1986 Asian Games
1987 Korean Air Flight bombing in mid-air by North Korean agent
1988 Seoul Olympic Games
1990 Fourth North Korean Infiltration Tunnel discovered in Yanggu
1991 Joint Declaration on Denuclearization of Korean Peninsula
1991 Joint Admission of South and North Korea to UN Membership
1996 Infiltration of North Korea Submarine into Seas off Gangneung
1998 Start of Geumgansan (Diamond Mountain) Tour
1999 First Battle of Yeonpyeong
2000 June 15 South-North Joint Declaration
2000 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)
2002 FIFA Korea/Japan World Cup
2002 Second Battle of Yeonpyeong
2003 North Korea Withdrawal from NPT
2003 Start of Gaeseong Industrial Complex Construction
2005 APEC Economic Leaders¡¯ Meeting
2006 North Korea¡¯s First Nuclear Test
2009 North Korea¡¯s Second Nuclear Test
2010 G20 Summit Meeting
2010 Sinking of Cheonan by North Korea
2010 Shelling of Yeonpyeongdo Island by North Korea
2012 Nuclear Security Summit Seoul
  Summary (1876-2012)
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