General Information
Location: Eastern Romania (County: Galati)
Size: 46.4 sq. miles (120 sq. kilometers)
Elevation: 115 ft. (35 meters)
Inhabited since: 500 BC
First documented: 1134 AD

GALATI - City Highlights

Fortified Church of Precista, Mavromol Church, The Orthodaox Cathedral, Palace of Justice, Maritime Terminal, Marine Museum, Botanical Garden


Museum of Visual Arts, Museum of History, Museum of Natural History

Nearby Attractions

The Garboave Forest — natural oak tree reserve (1,000 acres)
Ostrovul Prut Natural Park

Day Trips

Odobesti Vineyards
Niculitel Vineyards
Cruises on the Danube River


Drama Theatre "Fani Tardini," Musical Theatre "Nae Leonard"



By air

Galati Airport
There is no scheduled/ regular air service to Galati. However, the airport is open for charter flights to / from any city in Romania.

By train

Galati Train Station (Gara Galati)
Strada Garii nr. 1 (0.4 miles from downtown).
Daily connections to / from any city in Romania.

By car

Distance from Galati to:
City Distance (miles)
Bucharest 151
Brasov 182
Cluj 353
Constanta 127
Oradea/Felix Spa 447
Sibiu 273
Suceava 211
Timisoara 445

Public Transportation

Several bus routes connect Galati's main areas and tourist attractions.
Route 102
To Museum of Visual Arts and the History Museum.

Taxi Companies

Delta Car telephone: 320.000
Ace telephone: 940
Leonardo telephone: 947


Galeriile de Arta, Strada Domneasca nr.19, Telephone: 471.181
Vox Maris Shopping Centre, Strada Brailei nr.7-9
Modern Shoppig Centre, Strada Domneasca nr. 24


3-star Hotels(mid-scale): Galati, Faleza, Alex
2-star Hotels (mid-scale): Dunarea, Sofin
1-star Hotels (budget): Sport

Tourist Information

Useful Telephone Numbers (area code: 0236)
Ambulance 961
Bus Terminal 412.683
City Hall 317.000
Hospital 318.888
Local & County Archives 436.114
Police 955
Train Station 460.643
Tourist Information 040 - 422.096
Better Business Bureau 413.928
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