City Tours:

Xiamen, a picturesque city off the coast of southeastern China, consists of Gulang Island and some regions along the northern banks of the Jiujiang River. It was one of the first four special economic zones to open to the outside world.

Xiamen abounds with tourist resources. It is charming because of its beautiful island scenery, pleasant subtropical climate, brilliant culture, convenient transportation, and complete facilities for tourism.

Gulang Island

A small island in southwestern Xiamen, Gulang Island is known as the "Garden on the Sea." There are many 18th-century European buildings on the island. The coastline zigzags with natural bathing beaches. The 304 foot-high Solar Rock, the highest peak on the island, is the symbol of the city. Many residents on the island are music fans and play musical instruments; hence its nickname as "The Musical Island."

Jimei School Village

The Jimei School Village is a school complex established by Tak Kab-kee, a famous leader of patriotic overseas Chinese. All buildings in the village were built in the traditional Fujian style. Every year, the Dragon Boat Race is held here during the Dragon Boat Festival.

South Putou Temple

Lying at the foot of Wulao Mountain in southern Fujian Province, the South Putuo Temple is a well-known ancient religious sanctuary in China, named such because it lies south of Putou Mountain.