City Tours:

Located at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, the city of Sanya is surrounded on three sides by mountains and on one side by sea. It has a 112 mile coastline.

The port, bay, greenery, sand beaches and caves provide a rich tourist resource. The sunshine and the tropical fruits and landscape make Sanya an ideal choice for escaping the winter cold.

Sanya has convenient transportation. The Phoenix International Airport has regular flights between Sanya and 18 cities, including Beijing. The expressway provides easy travel to and from Haikou. The Yulin Port has liners shuttling between Sanya and other domestic and foreign ports.

Sanya Beach

The annual average temperature in Sanya is 77 degrees Fahrenheit, with sunshine for over 300 days of the year. The coastline extends as far as the eye can see and the sand on the beach is fine and white. The shallow sea is flat and the waves are mild. All these are instrumental in providing the best environment for sea bathing, as well as water skiing and motorboat racing.

The End of the Earth and the Corner of the Sea

Located at the southernmost tip of Hainan, this beach is dotted with 100 rocks rendered smooth, round and delicate by centuries of pounding waves. Inscriptions on the rocks were done by outstanding calligraphers of ancient China. Many of them say "The End of the Earth" and "The Corner of the Sea."

Summit Park

Protruding into the sea, the mountain overlooking Summit Park resembles a deer. The park itself was built on the summit, allowing people to have a panoramic view of tropical Sanya.

Yalongwan Holiday Resort

The Yalongwan Holiday Resort is a national-class holiday resort. It is well equipped with all the latest amenities and people can participate in various water sports, in addition to golf and rock climbing.

Sanya International Golf Club

Six miles west of the End of the Earth and the Corner of the Sea, the Sanya International Golf Club covers an area of 220 acres and has an 18-hole golf course.