City Tours:

Qingdao is located on the Jiaodong Peninsula on Jiaozhou Bay in the Yellow Sea. The city is admired for its clear fresh air, blue sea, red-tile-roof houses and the abundance of trees and flowers. It is a famous summer resort, a coastal city, and an ancient cultural city. The perfect reception facilities and the convenient transportation system make Qingdao an ideal destination for holidaymakers.

Qingdao Pier

The 80-meter-wide (262.5 feet) Qingdao Pier is the symbol of Qingdao. It was built in 1897 and is an extension of the city's main thoroughfare, jutting a quarter of a mile out into the sea. A traditional octagonal pavilion has been added at the southern end. It is an ideal place to enjoy the sea view.

Lesser Qingdao

Also called Qingdao, Lesser Qingdao is located on Qingdao Bay. Trees are green here all year round.

Bathing Beach

Qingdao has a long snaking coastline. The water is clear and the sand is gold in color, making it an ideal place for bathing in the sea.

Mt. Laoshan

Some 24 miles east of Qingdao, Mt. Laoshan is a national-class scenic area, whose perfect combination of rocky promontories and vast expanses of water, delight the viewers with an unpredictable variety of captivating loveliness.

International Architecture

Many buildings here were built in German, Japanese, and other foreign styles. The most typical buildings of the area can be found in the Eight Passes Villa Blocks.

The Catholic Church

Situated on Zhejiang Road, this church was built in 1934 by the Germans.

The Christian Church

Built in 1910 in the style of an ancient German castle, this Christian Church can hold 1,000 people.

Other Attractions

Qingdao Television Tower, Zhanshan Temple, Ocean Amusement Park, the Marine Museum, Mt. Tianzhu, and the Langya Terrace Scenic Spot