City Tours:
Kunming, an ancient cultural city, is the capital of Yunnan Province. It is situated 6,213 feet above sea level, with an annual average temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is also known as “the City of Perpetual Spring.” Kunming has 3.5 million residents. It has 26 ethnic peoples including the Han, Yi, Bai, Hani, Zhuang, Dai, and Miao. Due to its advantageous geographical location, Kunming has become one of the major Southeast Asian transportation hubs. Kunming is known for its rich tourist resources, mild climate, beautiful plateau landscape, long history, and ethnic folklore. It is known as the Kingdom of Animals, Plants, and Non-Ferrous Metals.

The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest, located in Lunan County, is known as the "First Wonder of the World" for its natural landscape. It is about 54 miles southeast of Kunming. The Stone Forest consists of exceptionally beautiful limestone formations. Residing in a 135 square mile area, it is dotted by oddly shaped peaks, waterfalls, caves, and lakes.

Dianchi Lake

Lying at the foot of the West Mountain in Kunming, Dianchi Lake covers an area of 123 square miles. With 144 feet in depth and 6,184 feet in altitude, it is the eighth largest lake in China and the largest in Yunnan Province. Its shores are scattered with scenic spots and places of folklore. Sailing on the lake, with the boat swaying gently on a vast expanse of liquid silver, proves to be a most enchanting experience.

The West Mountain

Rising on the western shore of Dianchi Lake, on the southwestern outskirts of Kunming, this mountain is a large nature reserve with many places of interest, such as the Longmen and Tiange grottoes.

Grand View Pavilion

The Grand View Pavilion, on the southern tip of the Grand View Park in western Kunming, was built in 1690 and rebuilt in 1866. The doorposts are inscribed with 180-word couplets in the handwriting of the popular Qing Dynasty poet, Sun Ranwong.

Village of Ethnic Culture

Located on the northern side of Dianchi Lake, this village serves as a window through which people learn about the life styles of the 26 ethnic peoples of Kunming.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang is a state class scenic spot located 56 miles from Kunming City and 13 miles north from the Stone Forest. Jiuxiang mainly features hundreds of karst caves, fused with natural landscapes and great viewing points. It has the greatest number of limestone caves of any scenic spot in China. It has a very stable karst cave system molded by land faults, years of erosion and etching. There are five major scenic areas open to public: the Yin Cui Xia (Shaded Jade Gorge), Bai Xiang Dong (White Elephant Cave), Shen Nu Gong (Goddess Palace), Wo Long Cave (Lying Dragon Cave), and Bian Fu Dong (Bat Cave). In addition, visitors can take the 3-hour, 3.7 mile journey along the Cableway.

Other Attractions

Yuantong Buddhist Temple, the Golden Hall, Cuihu Park, the Black Dragon Pool, and the Ancient Alu Caves