RealPoland Warsaw tours are the full package – all of the must-see places in the vibrant, diverse Polish capital, visited with knowledgeable and at the same time enthusiastic guide. This includes not only museums, monuments or places interesting from the historical point of view only. You will also have a chance to see the modern side of the city where business is thriving, visit unusually appealing industrial areas from the 'soviet paradise' era or one of many fashionable cafes. If you would like to expand your Warsaw tour a bit, you can also visit the most interesting Masovia sites, the pearls of northern Poland (such as Malbork Castle and Gdansk) or even travel abroad to neighboring Lithuania and stay for one night in its capital – Vilnius. Don't know what to do with your free time? Ask your guide, who will surely have some great ideas.

Warsaw City Tour

Afew hours will never be enough to get to know the city. However, with our enthusiastic tour guide, you will make the best of it!

Wilanów Royal Palace

During this trip you will have an unique opportunity to explore the most beautiful and impressive baroque palace in Poland.

Chopin's Warsaw and Masovia

Starting in the morning from your hotel, your driver – along with your guide – will take you to various places around Warsaw related to world-famous composer Frédéric Chopin, his childhood and youth.

Industrial Masovia

A trip showing the varied, and often unknown, images of Polish industry and the industrial landscapes of Masovia.

Wolf's Lair

If you want to find out about the secretive and mysterious aspects of the history of the World War Two, you should definitely pay a visit to Wolf's Lair.

Krakow & Auschwitz

I f you decide to visit Auschwitz, you should think about extending your trip to the former capital of Poland – Krakow. In contrast with Warsaw, Krakow remained almost untouched after the World War Two and is now considered the most beautiful Polish city, with a vast number of both Polish and Jewish monuments and places of interest.

Pearls of Nothern Poland

If you want to experience a real variety of Polish landscapes, a tour of Northern Poland is highly recommended. During a two day excursion you will visit the Malbork Castle and Gdansk.

One night in Vilnius

If you have more free time in Warsaw, you may consider a quick visit to Lithuania. Both countries are close geographically and historically – for ages Lithuania and Poland were in fact parts of one country, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

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