Trujillo -Chiclayo -Cajamarca

Visitors can get to Trujillo from Lima overland 561 km (348 miles) up the North Pan-American Highway, an eight-hour trip, or a 45-minute flight. Trujillo, capital of the departmet of La Libertad, is home to dozens of superb examples of colonial and republican mansions. as well as pre-Inca constructions, such as the Temples of the Sun and Moon and Chan Chan, the world's largest mud-brick citadel. For those fond of water sports, the beaches near the city are superb.

From Trujillo the road heads north to Chiclayo. capital of the department of Lambayeque, a two-hour trip by road. In addition to the area's sun-drenched beaches, the city of Lambayeque also features the BrĂ¼ning Museum, which houses a spectacular collection of gold pieces crafted by the Moche and Chimu, two of the ancient civilizations that dominated the area.

From Chiclayo the road climbs up into the northern highlands, a six-hour journey to the bucolic city of Cajamarca. Visitors are advised to rest upon arrival and take precautions against high-altitude sickness. Cajamarca is filled with reminders of Its ancient past: the Ransom Chamber of Atahualpa (the Inca emperor captured by the Spaniards), the Inca Baths and the Ventanillas de Otuzco tombs . in addition to colonial churches and convents. Cajamarca nestles amidst fertile countryside where visitors can take part in farming chores alongside the local community.

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