Lima is the only gateway of entry to the country because it has the only international airport.This fact constitute a big advantage for the visitors because it gives them the oportunity to know this beatiful and historic city.Lima was founded in 1532 by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

With an actual population of 8 million people-almost one third of its total population-Lima is the seat of the national government and the financial ,industrial and commercial center of the country.

Peru's best museums,restaurants and art and crafts shops are here and many of the classic colonial buildings are located in the historic center.

We recommend at least two days in order to know the landmarks of this great city.In the morning of the first day you can visit the Historic center.which was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO.The center consists of the Cathedral,the main square,the Presidential Palace and the San Francisco church with its Monastery,museum of religious art and its catacombs.

The travel agencies sell these attractions in their city tours and finish the tour with the visit to the residential districts of San Isidro and Miraflores concluding with a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean.

Peru boasts of one of the largest varieties of arts and crafts on earth.Because of this during the afternoon we recommend visiting these shops and like millions of visitors,perhaps to purchase these wonderful and inexpensive souvenirs.

If you are a nature lover,in the second day we recommend visiting Parque de las leyendas located in Lima or the Zoo of Huachipa which is outside of Lima.For the birdwatchers,beside these two places,we recommend visiting Pantanos de Villa (see city of Lima).

If you are like the majority of visitors that come to Peru to admire the archaelogical remains of the pre-inca and Inca civilizations,the visit of these three more important museums is a must.They are:The National Museum,National Museum of Archaelogy,Antropology and History and the Larco Herrera Museum.

According to the connoisseurs,the peruvian cuisine,is the best of Latin America alongside the french and chinese.Recently the well know magazine Conde Nast Traveler in its april 2003 edition said that no country in South America cooks like Peru and Lima is its gastronomic heart (see Peru-Gourmet Paradise),so during your stay in Lima you must try these delicious dishes.

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