Chincha - Paracas -Ica -Nazca

This circuit along the south coast provides a combination of sun, sea, beaches, history and traditions, but above all, the area features marvelous landscapes, making it a major attraction for a different kind of adventure.

The area is reached, by road down the South Pan-American Highway, First stop is the city of Chincha 202 km (125 miles), two and-a-half hours from Lima, the cradle of Afro-Peruvian culture.

Next stop is the Bay of Paracas 50 km (31 miles), 30 minutes from Chincha, home to the Paracas Reserve, which harbors a large variety of bird species, sea lion colonies, penguins and many other species, making the area one of the country´s richest in tems of biodiversity . The area is ideal for adventure sports, eco-turism and sailing. We recommend the early morning boatrides around the Ballestas Islands.

Ica, 50 km (31 miles), 40 minutes from Paracas, a festive region steeped in religious traditions, is the next stop on the tour. Here, visitors can take in the Ica Cathedral and the shrine of the Señor de Luren, the patron image of the city. Lake Huacachina, an oasis surrounded by vast, wind-sculpted sand dunes, lies further inland in the desert.

Visitors can board light planes and fly over the Nazca Lines from Ica or continue along the road down to the city of Nazca, 140 km (87 miles), 2 hours from Ica. One can see part of the lines from a lookout tower by the road in the Pampas de San Jose plains. Before returning, Visitors should not miss a tour of the traditional local vineyards, or taste some of Peru´s finest wines and pisco, the country´s national beverage, particulary in the month of March, when the area celebrates the Ica wine Festival


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