Panama Canal

You can go on either a partial route or a complete circuit. The partial trip launches from the islands off the Amador Causeway, passes below the Bridge of the Americas, rises up the Miraflores Locks, sails across Miraflores Lake, and enters Pedro Miguel Locks, which raises the vessel to the level of Gatún Lake. The boat then goes beneath Centennial Bridge and squeezes through Gaillard Cut, the narrowest section of the 13-km journey. The voyage is completed at the town of Gamboa by the bridge over the Chagres River, the mid-point of the Panama Canal dredging.

On the total alternative, the tour begins the same way but continues across Gatún Lake until reaching the Gatún Locks, where the ship is lowered to the level of the Atlantic Ocean. Both routes may be done in the reverse direction.

These tour packages provide the advantage of including not only all food and drinks, but also a guided explanation of everything you see along the way.


Panama Marine Adventures, with the boat Pacific Queen or small cruise ship Discovery.

1-888-836-0102 or (507) 226-8917 

Canal & Bay Tours, with their boats Islamorada, Fantasía del Mar, and Tuira.

(507) 209-2002 

You can additionally contact any of the charter companies to hire a yacht for an exclusive experience with your group.

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