The Caprivi is a narrow strip of land, 450 km long and up to about 100 km wide.

It's a mosaic of woodlands, rivertine forests, swamps and rivers. Nearly 200 kinds of flora, shrubs, trees and fruits, complement the amazing geography. Huge game reserves, like the KAZA TFCA, which straddles five different countries, allow herds of buffalo and elephant to move freely across the borders. The water rich landscape is also the ideal place for angling enthusiasts, canoeing and white water rafting. For those interested in more cultural pursuits, the Caprivi people are renowned for their traditional crafts, and many festivals and markets take place throughout the year. Other off-the-beaten track destinations include the Zambezi Waterfront, the town of Katima Mulilo, and the eastern most tip of Namibia, Impalila Island.

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