Naga People Celebrate harvest and the new year

The region is in the far northwest part of the country, close to the Indian border. Kamthi township, Sagaing Division, of which Naga region is a part, has long hosted the annual harvest and New Year festival, starting from this year, with the aim of fostering more interaction with other Naga towns. The government and the Naga Cultural Organization have decided to rotate the yearly festivals between neighboring towns.

This year, the January 15 festival was held at Layshi. The six main ethnic groups of Naga gathered to dance, drink and make merry. Some walked for two days to get to the party in time. Visitors from Yangon, mainly officials plus photographers and oversea had almost a hard trip.

The first step of the journey was a flight to Khamthi. That was followed, the next morning, by a boat-ride on the Chidwin river to get to Htammathi. After overnight stop at Htammathi, it was a further 42 miles trip to Layshi.

But it was worth the effort. The Naga costumes must be among the most colorful in the country. Feathers, fangs, teeth, brass, beads, intricate weaving; they wear everything in every color.

The people themselves are testaments to the rich cultural wonders that Myanmar has to offer. Naga region is surely one of the country's hidden treasures.

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