Mandalay, the capital city of the last reigning dynasty of Konbaung Kings, is situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River in central Myanmar. To the east, there are the blue Shan mountain ranges, which give the city a physical dignity. To the west, there is Myanmar's life stream, the mighty Ayeyarwaddy, flowing by

It is now the second capital and center of Myanmar's art, cultures and learning Buddhism . The exquisite tapestry works, stone sculpture, the traditional art of gold leaf home industry are worth a visit. Mandalay can boast of the largest standing during the reign of the benevolent King Mindon, he had commanded the experts to chisel the entire scriptures of Tipitaka on 729 stone slabs in 1857. The mammoth book still serves as reference to the learners in Buddhist teachings.

Other interesting places are the Mahamuni Holy Image, the Mandalay Hill, and the Sagaing Hill where Buddhist Sangha and nuns lead a peaceful secluded life of meditation.

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