Natmataung National Park & Mt. Victoria is unique spots for ECO- friendly people. The Chin hills, never been opened to Tourists, is full of natural beauties, high mountain with various kinds of forests. The Chin hill is rich with flora & fauna. The most well known flower of the region is Rhado- Deudron arboreum. The Chin State is notable for Natmataung (Mt. Victoria) rising to a height of 3055 meters above sea level, lies in Kan-Pet-Lat Township. It is the part of the ridges along the southern extremity of the Himalaya Range. Look of the people of Chin Hills "Tattoo faced "chin women and "Naga" on the native of Chin States. They live along the long range of Chin hills from North to South. The Chin State is notable for nameless birds & endemic bird of species. The National Park is believed to be one of the largest and best reserved forest type remaining with Chin States. Chin State Day is 20th February. On that day, Tribal people living around the Capital of the Northern Chin State "Mindat" came to celebrated their "National Day" every year.

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