The conditions of relief of Mozambique are unconfigured, varying from region to region but with average temperature are 25º. The southern of Mozambique is predominantly by plains and the Center and northern are characterized by plateaus and mountains.

The climate of Mozambique, influenced by the monsoons from the Indian Ocean and the hot current of the Mozambique Canal, is generally tropical and humid. The dry season, in the Centre/North lasts for about four to six months, where as in the South, the dry tropical climate lasts between six and nine months.

In the mountainous areas, the climate is typical of tropical conditions to be found at high altitudes. Average temperatures are around 20º in the South and 26º in the North.

Mozambique is very rich in both land and sea fauna and flora. The type of land and climate has created three different varieties of vegetation: dense forestland in the high parts of the North and Center of the country, woodland and savannah in the South and mangroves along the coastline.
 In terms of wild life, the main species to be found in these ecosystems are elephants, lions,leopards, cheetahs, hippopotamus, antelopes, tortoises and monkey-sand varied species of bird life. Apart from the wild life, there are beautiful landscapes and views to be admired both along the coast and in the higher mountainous areas.

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