Arkhangai Aimag (Province)

Arkhangai is a mountainous aimag which is located on the Northern slopes of the Khangai mountains. The altitude is 2,414 meters above the sea level, and the highest peak with Kharlagtai peak with the height of 3,539 meters while the lowest point is on the cross of Orkhon and Tamir rivers at 1,290 metres. The area consist of high mountains, forests and steppes and it borders to Khuvsgul aimag (north), Bulgan aimag (north east), Uvurkhangai aimag (south east), Bayankhongor (south) and Zavkhan (west) respectively. Granite from the Old Stone Age was found from the northern part of the aimag while sandy rocks from the western part. Also, iron ore around Tamir River, volcano rocks in Suman river basin and precious stones are found in this aimag. North and South rivers of Tamir that takes source from the Khangai mountain range, Orkhon, Chuluut, Khanui, Khunui, north and south of Terkh, Suman, Gichgene, Tsagaan Sum, Shirdeg, Sogoot, Khukh Sum, Tsenkher, fast-flowing rivers of Tsetserleg flow through the aimag for 100-350km. Many smaller rivers and springs join these rivers to nourish pasture and hay lands and to nurture residents, live stocks and wild animals of the aimag.

Bayan-Ulgii Aimag (Province)

The aimag stretches from north to south along Mongol-Altai mountain ranges, and the distance from the northern border to the southern border is 380km, from the east border to the west is 270km. The aimag is elevated at 1,301-4,374m above the sea level, and the highest point is Altai Mountain Range's Noyon Peak (the highest of Mongolia) at 4,373m, the lowest point is the center of Bayannuur sum at 1,301m and 95,3% of the whole territory is elevated at or more than 1,600m above the sea level. It is bordered with the People's Republic of China to the west for 450km along the Altain Mountain ranges crest, with the Russian Federation at the north along the Siilkhem mountains, to Uvs aimag to the east for 165km and to Khovd aimag to the southeast for 450km. As for the geological tectonic region, the aimag is located at the northwest side of the Mongol-Altai creases. Rich resources of tungsten steel, mixed metal, copper, gold, silver and other rare metals are found in this area. The aimag gets comparatively good supply of water and water fund in total of 2,896кm³/year which is 33.6% alone of total western region water fund. River flow extent reaches 100-300mm in most areas. Here, glacial water in the mountains is the main source to all the rivers. There are about 199 springs and 109 small and large rivers such as Sagsai, Chigirtei, Sogog and Tsagaan that join into Khovd river in this aimag.

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