Mount Kinabalu Climb (3D/2N)

This package offers you the unforgettable experience of climbing one of South East Asia's highest mountains, Mount Kinabalu. A moderate challenge, the mountain is accessible to both seasoned hikers and tourists alike without the need of any mountaineering equipment. But first, spend a day at the Kinabalu National Park and marvel at the diversity of plantlife that has made the park a vertible garden paradise.


Day 1: Arrival at Kinabalu Park

Your adventure begins from with a morning drive from Kota Kinabalu towards Kinabalu National Park.

There is much to admire for those who love nature here, as the park is known for the abudance and diversity of its plant life. Admire the various species of flowering rhodendendrons, ferns and pitcher plants during your visit to the park's Mountain Garden, a natural paradise in full bloom. Wander along a beautiful nature trail winding through the Montane oak forests, a rare sight in a tropical country and finally unwind at your hotel in Kundasang in the evening.

Day 2: Ascend Mount Kinabalu

Your adventure begins at Timpohon Gate, after registering at the Park Headquarters for guides and porters. The journey up the mountain leads you along a well-maintained track through the green canopy of trees and plants. Pace yourself out and remember to take the time to admire the unique beauty of your surroundings. The trek comes to an end at a designated rest point at the 3353 metre altitude mark, where lodging facilities have been built specifically to cater to climbers and tourists alike. Rest and prepare for your ascent to the summit the next morning at the Laban Rata Resthouse.

Day 3: Summit and Descend

The day begins early as you make your final ascent to the summit in time for the sunrise. Reward yourself by watching dawn break on one of the tallest peaks in South East Asia, a truly spectacular experience. When ready, descend the mountain in time for lunch at the Park Headquarters. Your marvelous adventure comes to a close as a trip returns you to your hotel in Kota Kinabalu in the afternoon.

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