Belum Rainforest Adventure Package (3D/2N)

This promotional package brings you to the Belum rainforest, a relatively unexplored region in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. The tour offers three options; Option 1 is by Express Bus, Option 2 is a Self Drive with Car Rental and Option 3 is Private Transfer. The Belum Rainforest Reserve has evolved into one of the country's premier eco-tourism destinations in recent years. It is considered part of the Belum-Temenggor region, and is accessible through Banding Island, which is itself a stunning island in the middle of the vast Lake Temenggor.

Visitors to Banding Island will marvel at the man-made island's beauty, and indulge in a slew of nature based activities such as fishing, bird watching, camping and visiting the indigenous tribes' settlements. The Belum-Temenggor region is covered by rainforests that are said to be 130 million years old and encompasses 300,000 hectares. As expected, this region is home to a vast number of species of animals and plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. This includes three species of the largest flower in the world – the elusive and stinky Rafflesia. The entire forest complex is approximately four times the size of Singapore, which makes it the ideal place for large animals such as tigers, elephants and rhinoceroses to roam and breed. This forest possesses an immense wealth of flora and fauna with much of the area still unexplored and undisturbed by humans.

Visitors to Belum will find themselves transported back into a tropical paradise, filled with numerous natural wonders. It is truly an experience that no nature lover should pass on.

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