Rock Climbing

The Mulanje Massif is a large monadnock in southern Malawi near Blantyre. A monadnock is an isolated hill, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a virtually level surrounding plain. Its highest peak, Sapitwa is also the highest point in Central Africa. Mulanje Mountain has been managed by the Malawi Forest Reserve since 1927 and is classified as one of few International Biosphere Reserves south of the Equator. Mulanje Mountain covers an area of 640,000 hectares and the Forest Reserve has a diverse range of ecological zones from rainforest to alpine, with a very rich range of habitant endemic plant and animal life.

Mulanje Cedar dominates the high altitude forests and consists of rolling grassland. It has many individual peaks reaching heights of over 2500m, including Chambe Peak, the West Face of which is the longest rock climb in Africa. Rock climbing is popular and knowledge of climbing techniques and the use of essential pieces of gear and equipment are crucial. Free climbing involves the person using natural features of the rock formation and a chalk

bag and aid climbing involves using artificial devices placed in the rock to support part of the climber's body weight and is normally practiced on rock formations that lack necessary natural features suitable for free climbing. There are many hiking and rock climbing packages tours for tourists. It is one of the tourist attraction destinations for all rock climbing lovers.
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