Malawi is divided into three main seasons. The cool season (May to mid –August); the hot (mid-August to November) Temperatures rise again so parts of Malawi get very hot especially low-lying areas around Lake Malawi; the rainy

(November to April) with rains continuing longer in the northern mountains and post-rainy (April to May), the days are warm and clear, but the nights are a lot cooler. The variable altitude of Malawi provides wide differences in climate. The lowest point is where the Shire Valley approaches its confluence with the Zambezi River, at about 100 ft above sea level. The vast water surface of Lake Malawi also profoundly affects the climate. The margins of the lake have long hot seasons and high humidity, with mean annual temperatures of 24°C (75°F). The temperature generally decreases and the rainfall increases with altitude. Malawi is noted for its rapid transitions from low to high rainfall.

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