Makalu Expedition

Makalu (8,463 m) is the fifth highest mountain in the world. It is an isolated peak located some 22 km east of Mt. Everest along the Nepal-Tibet Autonomous Region of China border. The size of this Himalayan giant alone is impressive, but its structure, which is shaped like a perfect four-sided pyramid clearly marked by four sharp ridges, makes Mt. Makalu all the more spectacular and alluring to behold. The mountain has two notable subsidiary peaks – Kangchungtse or Makalu II (7,678 m), which lies about 3 km north-northwest of the main summit and Chomo Lonzo (7,804 m) that rises about 5 km north-northeast of the main summit across a broad plateau and is connected to Kangchungtse by a narrow 7,200-m saddle.

Makalu has proven to be a challenging climb as only five of the first 16 attempts that were made on the peak were successful. In fact, the mountain is one of the harder eight-thousanders and is considered to be one of the most difficult mountains in the world to climb. The mountain is notorious for its steep pitches and knife-edged ridges that are completely open to the elements of the weather. The final ascent of the summit actually involves technical rock climbing skills. Makalu is the only Nepalese 8,000-m hulk which has yet to be climbed in true winter conditions. The mountain was first conquered by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy of a French expedition led by Jean Franco in May 1955. The French team climbed Makalu following the north face and northeast ridge via the saddle between Makalu and Kangchungtse and, in the process, established the standard route.

Makalu Expedition Code: HATTN05
Trip Duration: 65 days
Climb Duration: 38 days
Day Itinerary Accomodation
01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to Hotel Hotel
02 Kathmandu (briefing) Hotel
03 Kathmandu Hotel
04 Fly to Tumlingtar Camping
05 Tumlingtar to Botebase Camping
06 Botebase to Chichila Camping
07 Chichila to Num Camping
08 Num to Shadawa Camping
09 Shadawa to Tashigaon Camping
10 Tashigaon (Acclimatization day) Camping
11 Tashigaon to Kongmala Camping
12 Kongmala to Yak Kharka Camping
13 Yak Kharka to Nehe Camping
14 Nehe to Tadangsa Camping
15 Tadangsa to Base Camp Camping
16 Rest day at Base Camp Camping
17 Rest day at Base Camp Camping
18-55 Climbing period Camping
56 Advance Base Camp to Base Camp Camping
57 Base Camp to Nehe Camping
58 Nehe to Yak Kharka Camping
59 Yak Kharka to Tashigaon Camping
60 Tashigaon to Num Camping
61 Num to Chichila Camping
62 Chichila to Khadbari Camping
63 Khadbari to Tumlingtar. Fly back to Kathmandu Hotel
64 Kathmandu Hotel
65 Transfer to airport for international departure  
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