Spring Holidays in Jordan

Day 1:
Arrival to Amman (Queen Alia International Airport). Transfer to Amman Hotel for overnight.

Day 2:
After the Breakfast at your hotel you will leave to have a trip in Amman-the capital of Jordan-which is a unique mixture of the ancient and the modern. There you will visit the Citadel, located on a hill and narrating about the history of the city. From the top of the Citadel you can see panoramic view of the eastern parts of Amman.

After that you will visit the ancient city of Jerash, which takes in Jordan the second place after Petra among tourists in popularity. Under the Greco-Roman shell Jerash stores exquisite blend of Eastern and Western cultures. In its architecture, religion and languages were traces of collisions and the interaction between the two great cultures - the Greco-Roman culture of the Mediterranean and the traditions of the Arab East.

Then you will visit Ajloun castle. Located on the top of the mountain, the castle was built in 1184, by one of the generals of Saladin to contain the crusaders and to protect the trade routes between Syria and Jordan. The castle is situated almost opposite the castle Бельвуар on the opposite Bank of the Jordan River. The interior of the castle is full of randomly corridors, stairs, vaulted passages and long ramps. This is one of the best-preserved specimens of medieval military architecture of the Arabs. After the tour you will be transferred back to Amman Hotel for Overnight.

Day 3:
After the Breakfast you will check out & leave the hotel to have a trip to the Biblical places: a visit to the city of Madaba, with the outstanding masterpiece of the mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land in 6 century A.D, which has been preserved in the Orthodox Church of St. George. Then you will visit Mount Nebo. And next you will visit to the Baptism Site where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River. This place is also associated with the Bible of how the prophet Elijah by a whirlwind ascended to the sky in a fiery chariot. Of course, this is the most inspiring place on this earth where the prophets passed through, and whose names have become a part of all religions of the world! After the visit to the Baptism Site, you will go to one of the most striking places on the earth - the Dead Sea and you will stay at Dead Sea Hotel for Overnight.

Day 4:
Today you will have free day at leisure in the Dead Sea. Enjoy your holiday in one of the most unique places on the earth - the Dead Sea. The surface of the Dead Sea is below the World ocean level and it is the lowest on the earth's surface! Increased evaporation causes the extreme density of the water of the Dead Sea. Bathing, this is beneficial for health and gives an incomparable pleasure.

Day 5:
After the breakfast at your hotel you will checkout & leave the hotel to visit Petra – a Wonder of the world! Petra – a part of the cultural heritage of the Nabateans, who were an industrious Arab people who settled southern Jordan more than 2000 years ago. Walking on foot through the city streets and climbing the steep slopes, you will find hundreds of carved tombs in the rocks, the temple of the facades and stone reliefs. In the city, a preserved ancient theatre for 3000 seats, a giant monastery of Deir Palace which is a tombstone in the Roman style.

Then you will be transferred to the Desert of Wadi Rum, the landscapes which are not comparable with anything for its picturesque scenery and deep colors, for its wilderness it is often called the lunar valley. In all of its glory the Desert of Wadi Rum is in front of the traveler eyes in the spring. The Accommodation will be in the Camp. And you will enjoy the Dinner and its consisted of traditional Bedouin dishes, dances, songs near the fire and overnight in the tents; all this will leave the most touching memories from visiting Wadi Rum.

Day 6:
In the morning you will have your Breakfast at the camp, then you will have a two-hour jeep Safari in the Desert of Wadi Rum. You will to the source of Lawrence of Arabia, a drive to a mountain, known under the name of "the seven pillars of wisdom", a look at the ancient rock drawings, take a ride on the beautiful sandy dunes. After that you will be transferred to Aqaba Hotel for Overnight.

Day 7:
Today you will enjoy a free day at leisure in Aqaba. It's a small world, where collected all the good things in Jordan; the closeness of unique monuments of history, great hotels, amazing possibilities for shopping and hospitable, friendly people. But the main attraction of Aqaba is the Red sea. You can make scuba diving, you can snorkel with the mask, exit to the open sea, meet the sunset under the boat sail.

Day 8:
After breakfast you will checkout & leave the Hotel then you will be transferred to Queen Alia International Airport for departure.

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