Health Tourism

Israel is fortunate to have a number of very attractive resorts frequented by tourists concerned about their health. Its widespread hot springs, sophisticated spa hotels and sunny climate make Israel a country that can offer its visitors a vacation focusing on their health, or a one-day visit to a health resort as part of the tour. The Dead Sea tops the list of therapeutic resorts, and is famous for its high concentration of salts and minerals.


A health problem is only one reason to visit one of the spa resorts. Normally, all these resorts satisfy the desire for a break from everyday life, whether you visit them for one day or for a longer vacation.

The main therapeutic resorts are located in the vicinity of Lake Kineret and the Dead Sea. But there are other therapeutic resorts throughout the country. Most of the natural therapeutic resorts, as well as, of course, the spa resorts, offer the possibility of combining your visit with a range of holistic treatments. In recent years, the field of alternative medicine has developed rapidly in Israel. Among the treatments offered are water therapy (hydrotherapy), ayurvedic medicine (Indian medicine), and conventional massages. Next to most of the therapeutic resorts are hotels offering special vacation packages that include treatments and pampering, as well as board and lodging.

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