Tours to Orissa

Dances of Kerala Orissa has an ideal amalgamation of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cultures. The non-Aryan and Aryan settlers inhabited Orissa or Kalinga. Orissa formerly known as Kalinga is remembered for the famous Kalinga Battle fought in 261 BC, which made the great Mauryan King Ashoka abandon his reign and adopt Buddhism. There are also the epitomes of Jain art and culture in Orissa. The state is also a standing testimony to the Hindu temple architecture.

The lifeblood of the state Orissa is the Odissi, the traditional dance form of Orissa. The oldest classical dance form has made Orissa achieve new heights of popularity. There are a number of interesting tours in Orissa. The nearest excursion, the Sun Temple at Konark, is the most famous tour destination in Orissa. Chhau from Mayurbhanj District, the skillful martial dance form is also famous in Orissa. Other folk and tribal dances include Danda Nata and Ranapa. Stone Carving, Weaving, Ikat, Bomkai and Sambalpuri Saris, applique and embroidery, silver filigree work, patta painting and palm leaf engraving, brass and bell metal work, lacquered boxes and toys and basket weaving are the other art forms of Orissa.

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