Tour to Maharashtra

Dances of Kerala Bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, Maharashtra is one of the largest states of India. It occupies a substantial portion of the Deccan Plateau in the western peninsular part of the Indian subcontinent. Resembling like triangle the state is bordered by Gujarata in the northwest, Madhya Pradesh in the north, Andhra Pradesh in the southeast and Karnataka and Goa in the south.

The history of Maharashtra is very old. The name first appeared in a 7th century inscription and in the account of a contemporary Chinese traveler, Hsuan Tsang. The most prominent historical figures of Maharashtra is undoubtedly Shivaji who defied the mighty Mughal Empire. A tour to the state of Maharashtra include Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and Shirdi.


Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is the cosmopolitan capital of Maharashtra. From a fairly isolated town to the commercial capital of India, the transition of Mumbai was smooth. Mumbai is an absolute must for any visitor on a tour of Maharashtra. The Indian film industry nicknamed Bollywood is centered in Mumbai. The Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Marine Drive are some of the prime attractions in and around Mumbai.


Pune is the culture capital of Maharashtra. Pune also called Punyanagari has a glorious past of centuries. The Aga Khan's Palace, Appu Ghar, Bund Garden Film and Television Institute of India are the prime attractions of Pune Tour.


Situated on the banks of the Godavari River, Nashik is 185 km away from Mumbai. The city has developed on banks of Godavari River which divides the city into two equal halves. Antiquity of the place is never in doubt as it finds mention in the Vedas, Ramayana and other ancient scriptures of the Hindus. Nashik is also an important stopover for pilgrims wishing to pay their visit to the holy town of Shirdi and to Trimbakeshwar - one of the twelve Jyotirlinga.

Trimbakeshwar temple, Sundarnarayan Temple, Deolali Camp, Kalaram Mandir, Pandu Lena are some of the tour places in and around Nashik.


97 kms from Nashik, Shirdi is associated with the name of the mystic saint Sai Baba (c. 1838 - 1918) who is revered by the people of different faith. A temple deicated to him has been built here and draws thousands of visitors. Other tour attraction are the Gurusthan, the Khandoba Temple, the Shani Mandir, the Narsimha Mandir, the Changdev Maharaj Samadhi and the Sakori Ashram.


One of the most beautiful hill stations in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is situated at an elevation of 1372 mtrs. above sea level. Better known as Strawberry Country the place is an ideal place for honeymoon couples and families.

Popular tourists points in and around Mahabaleshwar are Wilson Point, Connaught Peak, Elphiston Point, Marjorie Point, Castle Rock, Arthur's Seat, Baghdad Point, Babington Point, Northcote Point, Falkland Point, Carnac Point, Fitzgerald Point, Bombay Point, Gaolani Point, Panchgani Point, Helen's Point and Venna Lake.

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