Tours to Lakshadweep

Dances of Kerala The archipelago of 36 coral islands near Kerala is known as Lakshadweep. Out of all, ten islands are inhabited by simple and humble folk. The lives of the natives in Lakshadweep revolve around coconut cultivation, coir matting and fishing. There are many interesting tours in Lakshadweep. The main focus here is on water sports, as the vast cover of coral reefs provides large areas of crystal clear waters ideal for snorkelling as well as wind surfing. But only five islands are open to tourists with plenty of accommodation options in the shape of beach cottages. The tourists must keep in mind to obtain the permits while visiting Lakshadweep. One can access the islands through the regular flights as well as the ship cruises, which begin and end in Cochin. The islands also have umpteen options for shopping and entertainment. Lakshadweep is the perfect holiday destination with stunning and beautiful surroundings.

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