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Dances of Kerala Situated on the western peripheral of the Deccan plateau, Karnataka is the 8th largest state of India both in terms of area and population. Flanked by soaring Western Ghats in the east and the cool blue waters of the Arabian Sea in the west, this state has a 320 km long coastline with unspoilt beaches, magnificent temples, lush green gardens, exquisite palaces, sparkling waterfalls.

Karnataka is a perfect place for adventure loving people as it provides tremendous opportunities of river rafting, rock climbing, trekking, and paragliding.

Karnataka displays a remarkable contrast with rapid growth of IT industry at one end and vast expanses of rural farming at the other. Apart from being a major producer of coffee, sandalwood, spices and betelnut, Karnataka accounts for 60% of country's silk.

There are a anumber of interesting tours in Karnataka. Karnataka has rightly been named as 'Cradle of stone architecture' - it has profusion of monuments, including, the cave temples of Badami and Aihole, domes and minarets of Bijapur, the World Heritage Center at Pattadakal.

Places to visit

Tours to Bangalore, Karnataka

The capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is also known as 'City of Gardens'. 'Lal Bagh' with its beautiful fountains, lotus pools, array of old trees is beauty in itself. Also can be seen are the Karnataka state Government Buildings and the Maharaja's Palace. Also known as the 'Silicon Valley of India', Bangalore is home for some of the most prestigious educational and multinational companies. 'Nehru Planetarium' gives lectures and shows on a regular basis.

Tours to Mysore, Karnataka

139 km away from Bangalore in Karnataka is home of richly carved temples, palaces. The 'Palace of the Maharaja' with its magnificent architecture is worth a visit.

Tours to Bijapur's Gol Gumbaj, Karnataka

This tomb of Mohammad Adil Shah, built in 1659, has the second largest dome in the world.

Tours to Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka

Nagarhole or the 'Snake River' derives its name for the winding course the river takes through its forests. This national part is abundant in Asiatic Elephants. Other animals that can be seen are gaur, barking deer, wild dogs, common langur etc.

Tours to Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

About 80kms south of Mysore in Karnataka on the Mysore-Ooty highway, this Tiger reserve has open forests and facilities for viewing wildlife from elephant back.

Tours to Brindaban Gardens, Karnataka

19 km from Mysore, these exquisite ornamental gardens at Krishnarajasagar Dam in Karnataka are a must see for the visitors with the main attraction as the 'dancing musical fountains'.

Golden Palms Spa

Is a perfect recreational paradise offering aqua therapy, ayurvedic, cosmetic surgery, fitness programs, and other kinds of treatments.

Tours to Jog Falls, Karnataka

Formed by river Sharavati in Karnataka, the grandeur of the 253m high falls is best appreciated during and after monsoon.

Tours to Udupi, Karnataka

Located at 381km from Bangalore, the center of attraction of this town is an open Square surrounded by temples and matts. It is also famous for its delicious cuisine and Udupi restaurants all over the world.

Tours to Hubli, Karnataka

Situated 420 kms from Bangalore, it is a center of textile industry in Karnataka. It is also a major junction for Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa.

Avail our Karnataka Tours and experience this unique and beautiful land.

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