Jharkhand Tour

Dances of Kerala The new state of Jharkhand carved out of Bihar is known for its ample greenery and rich mineral wealth. Jharkhand, the state adjacent to Bihar is a states dotted with a number of tourist destinations. Some of them are as follows: Dassam Falls formed out of Kanchi River is about 40 kms away from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand situated near a village named Taimara near which flows the Kanchi river falling from a height of about 144 feet. Hundru Falls about 28 km. aways from Ranchi is formed out of Swarnarekha river having a height of 320 feet. The other important waterfalls in Jharkhand are Jonha Falls and Hirni Falls.

Ranchi Hill at an altitude of 2, 140 feet from sea level is a popular health and holiday resort. Tagore Hill, Ranchi Lake, Shiva temple atop the hill and Baijnath Dham (Deoghar), Gonda Hill, Rock Garden are the other most visits in the state of Jharkhand. The tourists inclined towards religion can visit the old temple of lord Jagannath that stands like a fort atop the hill. Jharkhand provides a plethora of opportunities for adventure and water sports for the sport lovers.

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