Chattisgarh Tour

Dances of Kerala Chattisgarh came into being on November 1, 2000 when it was carved out of India's largest state Madhya Pradesh. The state of Chattisgarh is culturally and historically rich as compared to the rest of Madhya Pradesh. The original name of Chattisgarh is derived from the ancient dynasty South Kaushal. There were 18 Forts or Garhs on each side i.e., north and south of river Shivnath. In the wake of the 36 forts in Southern Kosal, it was named as Chattisgarh. Chattisgarh has been famous for its abundant and verdant surroundings. The well known district of Bastar, a treasure trove of forests and minerals along with the 'Chitrakut Falls' also know as 'Indian Niagra Falls' are also in Chattisgarh. The state is blessed by many waterfalls, caves and rivers.

The capital city of Chattisgarh, Raipur and the commercial city Bilaspur are the most convenient places to start a tour of Chattisgarh. The main tourism attractions in Chattisgarh include Amarkantak, Raipur, Kawardha, Bastar, Jagdalpur, Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, Indravati Wildlife Sanctuary, Tanor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary, Samorsot Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

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