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Dances of Kerala Assam is the gateway to north-east India, dominated by rivers like Brahamputra and Barak. A large part of Assam is situated in the narrow valley that these rivers have created over the period of time.

The popularity of Assam stems from - Tea plantations and One-horned Rhinoceros which are found in abundance in Kazirnaga National Park. More than half of India's petroleum is produced here in Assam. There are a number of interesting tours in Assam.

Places to See

Kamakhya Temple is situated on the sacred Nilachal Hill dedicated to the goddess Kamakshya . This temple is representative of old Assamese architecture

Assam State Museum exhibits sculptures, inscriptions, paintings, ivory, wood work, metal work, costumes and ethnology

Zoo and Botanical Gardens houses tigers, lions, rhinos, birds and swamp tapirs

Janardhan Temple centrally located, it stands on the Sukleswar hill on the river bank

Basistha Ashram a few kilometers (10-12) from Guwahati, this ashram is believed to be the home of famous sage Basistha

Umananda Temple In the middle of the river Brahamputra, on the Peacock Island, it is one of the most beautiful temples

Navagrah TempleStands towards the west of Chitrachal hills. 'Nava' stands for nine and 'grah' for planets , hence dedicated to the nine planets or heavenly bodies

Majuliis the largest river island in the world. During monsoon the rivers overflow and vast lands gets submerged.

Kaziranga National Park Spanning an area of 450 sq kms, it has the largest number of rhinoceros in the subcontinent. But their startling depletion led to the conservation of this area in 1926 and in 1940 it was declared as Sanctuary. It also has swamp deer, hog deer, wild pig, hoolock, wild buffalos, sambar gibbon, pythons, tiger and elephants.

Manas National Park was accorded the status of World Heritage Site in 1985 for its rare wealth of endangered species. It also extends over the national boundary of Bhutan where it is known as Royal Manas Park. Some of the rare species found here are golden langur, red pandas, pygmy hog, hispid hare, ergets and many other species of migratory and predatory birds.

GaramPani Wildlife Sanctuary 65 kms away from Kaziranga National Park, this area is famous for hot water springs. Animals found here are elephants, leopards, tigers in addition to large variety of birds and reptiles

Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary Situated in Sibsagar district, it was declared a sanctuary by Govt. of Assam in 1996. It is famous for migratory birds like Adjutant Storks, Fishing Eagle etc.

Shopping Products Most of the products are made out of Bamboo and cane. The tourists also purchase beautifully embroidered Shawls, Wall hangings and caps in abundance

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