Arunachal Pradesh Tour

Dances of Kerala In the north-eastern part of the country is situated Arunachal Pradesh, 'Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains'. Rich in flora and fauna, most of Arunachal Pradesh is densely forested and accounts for the major Indian tribal population.

Although most of the parts of Arunachal Pradesh are restricted, some of them have been made open for tourism purpose, for which visitors require special permits which are granted by the Arunachal Pradesh state government.

Some of the places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh are as follows:

Itanagarthe state capital of Arunachal Pradesh is known for its excavated ruins of the historical fort Ita Fort. It is estimated that it required 46300 man-days, 80 lakhs of bricks , 45 cubic meters of stone to build the forst.

Gyaker Sinyi or Ganga Lake Is a beautiful forest lake for outings, boating, picnic

Itanagar Sanctuary Established in 1978, it is situated in the Lower Subansiri district. The wildlife present here are elephant, leopard, deer, tiger, birds and orchids

Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum Has a collection of musical instruments, religious articles, wood carvings, archaeological findings, textile, weapons, ornaments , handicraft (cane items)

Malinithan and Bhismaknagar are significant archaeological sites

Bomdila Tawang is the largest Buddhist monastery in India. At around 40 kms are Nuranang waterfalls and Sangestar and Panpang-Tang-Tso lakes. On the way to Tawang lies the world's second highest pass 'Sela Pass'

Tipi OrchidariumArunachal Pradesh has the largest range of orchids in India orchid. Tipi Orhcidarium has more than 500 varieties of orchids growing. The place is also a favourite rafting spot in river Kameng

Akashi GangaThe legendary Akashi Ganga waterfalls gives a picturesque view of the river Brahamputra and its tributaries

Parashuram Kund, Tezu located in the lower reaches of river Lohit, is a well-known pilgrimage site some 21 km from Tezu, the district headquarters of the Lohit district. There are also facilities for trekking from Tezu to glow lake, river rafting on river Lohit

Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the Changlang district, this is home to the rare Hoolock Gibbon. Moreover, it is the only park in the world in which great felines - tiger, leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard are found.

Mouling National Park is famous for varieties of goat, namely, antelopes, goral and serrow

Thingbu and Tsachu hot water springs are sulphur rich which serves as antidote to many skin ailments

Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and Orchid Research Center is located in Tippi, where exquisite specimens of orchids, natural , hybrid as well as endangered, can be found. These are at their best during spring and monsoon season

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