Andaman and Nicobar Tour

Dances of Kerala Andaman and Nicobar is a cluster of islands situated in the Bay of Bengal, 1000 km off the east coast of India. Though travel is restricted but the islands, which are open, are a feast to the eyes with their lush green flora, exquisite fauna, lovely beaches, widespread lagoons enclosed by mystique coral reefs

The transport facilities available are Air or by Sea from Calcutta or Chennai

Places Of Interest

Anthropological Museum - Displays the weapons, tools, living styles, and rare photographs of the tribal inhabitants of Andaman and Nicobar islands

Haddo Forest Museum - Is a microcosm of various forest activities and exhibits various decorative pieces made of different type of wood such as Satin Wood, Peauma etc

Samudrika Naval Maritime Museum - Has complete collection of different shells and corals found in Andaman and Nicobar islands

Cellular Jail - Is the evidence of the ruthless cruelty of the British on Indian freedom fighters but now it is dedicated to the nation as a National Memorial

Chirya tapoo - Situated 35 Km south of Port Blair, is also known as Bird Island and has a Bird Sanctuary

Corbyn's Cove - Is a coconut-palm crescent shaped beach ideal for swimming, sun basking and surfing

Ross Island - Has remains of old buildings during British regime

Mount Harriet - The highest hill around South Andaman(365m), lying on the other side of Ross Island, provides and excellent view of the Port Blair City,

Mini Zoo at Port Blair - This zoo has some exceptional fauna like Nicobar Pigeon, Andaman Pig. The dense mangrove forests and its wild waters serves as favourable breeding ground for the Crocodiles which are bred through Saltwater Crocodile Breeding Programme.

Neil Island - A long shallow beach basically used for timbering operations

Chatam Island - Is the center of activity of the Forest Department. It has perhaps the biggest Saw Mill of its kind in Asia

Viper Island - Has derived its name because of the presence of Viper snakes in the past. It was once a full-fledged jail but was abandoned after establishment of Cellular Jail

Kondul - Is a small island to the north of Great Nicobar and is known for good canoes

Katchal - Is the most developed island with the majority of the population as Scheduled Tribe. The soil is most suitable for Rubber Plantation.

Pullomillor - An extremely beautiful island known for copra and betel nuts

Madhuban - Some 15 kms from Port Blair, with sea beach in front and hills behind, it is used as a training ground for elephants by rangers

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