Geothermal water is one of the main commodities in Iceland. We use it for heating our homes and offices in the areas where hot water is in abundance. Sometimes the excess water from the ovens will be used to heat the pavements. Geothermal steam also runs the turbines in the few power stations which have been built on suitable high temperature areas. In some places, particular in the highlands one can also find natural hot pools and rivers which can be used for bathing.

Swimming is one of the major activities for the largest part of Icelandic population. From the very start of the school days all Icelandic children learn to swim and get to appreciate the luxury of having this natural resource available. Due to the fact that swimming is part of the general education one can find swimming pools in all towns and next to countryside schools which quite often are used as summer hotels as well.  In most cases these are outdoor pools. Jacuzzis or hot tubs are an important part of the swimming pool area, where people can simply relax, exchange ideas on current issues, discuss politics or plain gossip. In many places steam bath next to the outdoor pool is also available for visitors. Most of the larger ones also have waterslides which delight particularly the younger generation.

In our package we have included a visit to the two well know geothermal spa lagoons. We would like you to share with us the clean water and crisp fresh air, and their combined healthy effects on body and soul. We suggest swimming pools or natural hot pools along your route through Iceland, situated in the vicinity of interesting sights. The itinerary will be tailor-made and can take into account your wishes or special interests.
You have the possibility to stick to the main roads which will not require use of 4WD vehicle. However, if you decide to visit any part of the highlands, then you will need to rent a 4WD type of car which are suitable for highland roads.

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