Day 1, Saturday: In the late afternoon transfer to the horse farm. Enjoy dinner together and get acquainted with the programme of the next days.

Day 2, Sunday: After a hearty breakfast we saddle the horses. A short lesson brings you into contact with your horse and off we go! Our first ride goes up to the mountains from where we have a wonderful view over one of the longest fjords of Iceland – Eyjafjörður.
After lunch out in the nature we ride around the head of Höfði and enjoy the nice view out to the sea and the island of Hrísey, Iceland’s second largest island.
We ride close to the "Hill of the ravens" Hrafnabjörg and bellow us is the valley of the cows – you will hear more about it as we go along!
Coffee and cakes await us at the horseback riding farm.
About 6 hours in saddle. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3, Monday:  After breakfast we saddle up for a day tour. We will ride to Grenivík, the little fishing village close to the farmhouse and from there along the coast of Látraströnd. The North Sea is greeting us! We ride above steep cliffs, through luxuriant meadows, clear brooks and impressive valleys. We will have our lunch close to the ruins of the farmhouse Svínarnes: witnesses of the times past.
In this area the farmers' young horses are spending the summer and they are very curious! They will probably want to have a look at our sandwiches!
We return the same way back to the farm. This will be about a 5 hour-ride.
Dinner and overnight at the horse farm.

Day 4, Tuesday: Today we prepare for a two-day riding excursion.
We ride through the Fnjóskadalur valley. The river Fnjóská is the longest spring fed river in Iceland. Approx. 10.000 years ago there was a glacial lake in this valley. The shoreline of this lake is still visible in the slopes of the mountains.
First we cross the river and ride to Laufàs, the famous turf houses. Here we will have lunch and visit the museum to learn about life in Iceland in former days.
We continue the ride along the river, along the wooded slopes and in the afternoon we reach farmhouse Hjarðarholt where we stay overnight. Close to this farmhouse is the church of Draflastaðir, a historical place. You are welcome to visit it.
We are about 5 hours in saddle.

Day 5, Wednesday:  After breakfast we catch the horses and ride back home by the the path higher up along the slopes of Mt. Draflastaðafjall.
Today we have a beautiful view over the fjord Eyjafjörður where the river Fnjóská flows into the sea. On our way home we ride to Helguhóll, the holy hill. Local people say that under the hill there is a ship full of gold from the old viking times. If somebody should try to get the gold, all churches which can be seen from the hill will burn down. Nobody has tried to dig, not yet!
Coffee and cakes will be ready for you at the farm as we return. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6, Thursday:  Today we will ride up to the mountains into the area of the Fjörður. Fjörður is a mysterious and deserted countryside. It has been isolated from the rest of the world for 40 years. Only about 4000 sheep spend the summertime there every year, together with the trolls and elves. Names like Trölladalur (the valley of the trolls) and Álfaborgir (the cities of the elves) remind us of the existence of these invisible beings.
From the rise of Leirdalsheiði we have a wonderful view over to whole fjord of Eyjafjörður, the fishing village Grenivík and the surrounding farms. We ride through green valleys, along rushing rivers and over stony paths. Extinct volcanoes, silent glaciers and hidden waterfalls accompany us. At the highest point a tremendous view out to the polar sea awaits us. At the mountain hut of Gil we will have our lunch break, enjoying the silence of nature which is only interrupted by the roaring waters of river Vestur-Gilsá.
In the late afternoon we will be back at the horseback riding farm..
About 6 hours in saddle.Dinner and overnight.

Day 7, Friday:  After breakfast we say good-bye to our guests.

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