Sports Fishing

Guyana’s fresh waters are bursting with fishes. Often called the “Land of Many Waters” or the “Big River Country” Guyana’s rivers are still unspoilt as it awaits your first cast. Sport Fishing is a new area of tourism attraction in Guyana with many unchartered river terrains virgin to man. Let your cast be the first in the next fishing season.  

Fishing Seasons in Guyana
Guyana has two very productive fresh water fishing seasons. Mid February to late April and late August to late November are very good time of the year to go up river. During this time, the rains would have stopped and the water receded from the savannas and forest floors. By the middle of the dry season, the rivers usually become narrow as the water recedes. This makes fishing more exciting as less water means less space per fish and more competition to feed and to survive predators of the river.

Game Fish Species in Guyana
Guyana shares with the Amazon River over 1800 fish species. Among those are several Game Fish Species such as the Payara, Arowana, Himara, and what is considered by professional anglers worldwide as the worlds most popular Fresh Water Game Fish, the Peacock Bass (Lukanani). Can you reel a thirty pound bass? Let’s find out next fish season!

Fishing Hot Spots in Guyana
Guyana’s prime fishing locations are up the Essequibo River and along its tributaries below river rapids and water falls such as Rockstone and the Gluck Island, the New River Area, Kurupukari River and the Rupununi Burro Burro River.

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