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For birders, Guyana has over 815 migrant and resident bird species for visitors to see. Whether you are a beginner or keen birder, watching spectacular species of birds freely flying overhead and whistle will be an unforgettable experience. From the range of parrots, toucans, the harpy eagle, Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Blood-Coloured Woodpecker, Crimson Fruit crow, and the Elusive Rufus-Winged Ground-Cuckoo, Guyana is indeed a bird paradise and a place where birders should always visit.

Birding hot spots in Guyana

•    Georgetown (capital city) - a wide range of parrots and other species can be seen in the National Park, Promenade and Botanical Gardens and the Georgetown Seawall.
•    Kaieteur National Park - the Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Orange-Breasted Falcon, white-Chinned and White-Tipped Swifts are the species that could be seen here in abundance.
•    Iwokrama - Blue-Checked Amazon, Merail Guan, Guiana Red-Cotinga, Rufous-Throated Antbird, Waved Woodpecker, Ducsky Pupletuft, Painted Parakeet and White-Winged Potoo  are just a few amongst the hundreds that can be seen in this area.
•    The Rupununi - Harpy Eagle, Cayenne Jay, Finsch’s Euphonia, Double- Striped Thick Knee, Green-Tailed Jacamar, Pinnate Bittern, Crestless Curassow, Bearded Tachuri are only some of the species that can been seen regularly here.

•    Essequibo Region - Pointed-Tailed Palmcreeper, Paradise Jacamar, Red-Bellied Macaw, Black-Necked Aracari, Painted Tody Flycatcher, Spotted Antpitta and just few bird amongst that hundreds  that are found in the Essequibo.

•    Coastline Areas - an emerging new destination for birders and the habitat for the national bird of Guyana, the Hoatzin. The Hoatzin can be seen in the Mahaicony/Abary areas in great numbers. Many migratory species of birds also nested along the coast and can be seen every day.


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