Highlands, Living Mayan Culture

The most rooted indigenous culture can be found in the highlands. The pine forests and active volcanoes allow visitors to practice hiking, canopying and, ecotourism. The Western region provides a folkloric display that unifies the pre-Columbian cosmogony and the customs of the conquerors. Such region is a perfect combination of the natural beauties, like Lago de Atitlán and the traditions, like the market of Chichicastenango, famous for its colorfulness and extension.

A representation of the millenary traditions and the experiences of the Mayans are reflected in every ambit of the historical, ancestral diversity of the region where the sacred book of Mayans, The Popol Vuh, was born. This region also offers numerous options of personal encounters with its communities. It is the ideal space to enjoy the cultural diversity, to learn languages, and to live the traditions. This region promises visitors a unique experience.

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