Adventure Tourism

As Guatemalans we are proud of our assets, which we want to protect and share with the rest of the world. We know that our country, besides its cultural richness, is lucky to be one of the areas in the American Continent with great potential for ecotourism.

Great effort has been dedicated to protecting numerous natural sites still conserved in this country. An example of this is the Paseo Pantera Project (Panther Ride) conceived to preserve the biological diversity and strengthen the surveillance of the natural areas in Central America> One of Guatemala’s parks and reserves considered here is the Maya Biosphere Reserve, located in Peten, and containing the second largest tropical rain forest in the Americas.

There are several other protected areas devoted to preserving endangered plant and animal species. The Monterrico Natural Reserve serves as a refuge to the sea bauble and parlama sea turtles while nesting. The pleasant combination of seashores, sandy marshlands, estuaries, mangrove trees and reed, makes up the natural surroundings at Monterrico located on the Pacific shore to the southeast of the country.

For all these reasons, Guatemala is welcoming more and more visitors every day< people who have found authenticity and richness when visiting the different regions of the country.

Your clients may join this special group of tourist who have changed their customary way of travelling and who have become respectful lovers of nature and culture finding in Guatemala an excellent site for Ecotourism.

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